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About Coldharbour Farm

With its first seeds sown by one man over 80 years ago, Coldharbour Farm remains a much-loved working farm with family ties deeply entwined in its history.  Starting life as we know it by the Great Grandfather of current owner, Andrea, Coldharbour Farm has been worked by the Williams family in East Devon for four generations.

After seeking his fortune in London, Harry Williams returned to Devon in the early 1930s and built the farm and farmhouse to begin a life of dairy farming. Handing the farm down to his son Gerald, Andrea’s Grandad, until it was time to pass down to Roger, Andrea’s Dad, in the late 1960s, Coldharbour Farm continued to be a working, family dairy farm.

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Though dairy farming is no longer a part of this family farm, Andrea currently farms the land with a little help from her flock of Dorset Ewes and a handful of pigs.  But as a nod to Coldharbour’s history, the Farm Shop and Cafe is on the part of the land which used to be the farm’s dairy parlour, while the Field Kitchen is in the field next door.

Farming and a love of the land still runs deep through the Williams family. While producing lamb, mutton, and pork born and raised on the farm with the highest welfare standards, we’re proud to support other local farmers and suppliers who follow the same ethos.

That’s why every ingredient on our Field Kitchen menu has full provenance.  From meat, fish, and dairy, to every egg and piece of fruit – we offer you the best quality, locally sourced, fresh produce that comes with complete traceability.

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Andrea Broadhurst

Growing up on Coldharbour Farm, Andrea’s food adventure has now come full circle. From young farm helper to pub manager and parent, before returning to manage the Farm with her own family. Not to mention partnering Beth at Coldharbour Farm Shop...

My Story...

“My Dad managed the dairy farm and I was frequently getting my hands dirty helping out - quite literally - and I loved every minute of it. But it was when my parents bought a pub in Sidford that my passion for food started. Running it for eight years gave me a vested interest in food provenance and I sourced the most ethically produced foods I could find.

I then put the pub on hold as I started my own family. But when I came back to the Farm and started farming in 2004, I found myself looking after a few thousand free-range hens and six ewes, as well as our large kitchen garden and polytunnel. I began supplying veg and produce boxes to people locally and I think that was the first stages of what was to come next.

Nowadays, I still manage the farm with my husband, Gary, but my two daughters, Phoebe and Izzy also get stuck in - especially in lambing season which Phoebe particularly enjoys. Both girls also help me and Beth in the Farm shop and kitchen when we're busy, so it’s a real family affair.

Thanks to my background, I’m committed to supporting good, local producers, and having an ethos of high welfare standards for the animals here on the Farm is a top priority. I understand it’s important for people to know how and where our food is produced - and it’s important to me too.”

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My Passion...

“I just love life here on the farm, so this is where I’m happiest - doing it with my family around me, together with Beth in the shop and kitchen. Because of all that, I love to eat good, well-cooked food, either out or at home with friends and family. But when I get the chance to relax, you’ll find me walking our three Jack Russell’s in the stunning Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty around East Hill.”

Beth Ashfield

From a background in IT Recruitment, specialising in overseas placements in the world of banking and finance, to the hills of the East Devon countryside - how did Beth come to be a part of the Coldharbour Farm Shop story?

My Story...

“I’ve always had a passion for food and cooking. When I moved with my family to Devon from Surrey back in 2004, I quickly became aware of an abundance of really good, locally produced food in the area. In turn, that sparked my interest in discovering the provenance of all the food I ate, cooked, or prepared.

After I was introduced to Andrea by a mutual friend, we realised we had a lot in common and shared the same level of interest and enthusiasm in all aspects of food. After a lot of conversations and deliberations, we decided to join forces and in 2016, Coldharbour Farm Shop was born.”

My Passion...

“Outside of all the planning, prepping, and running of Coldharbour Farm Shop, I really just enjoy spending time with my family - and my 3 treasured miniature dachshunds, Teddy, Doris, and Ralph. To really unwind, in my spare time I also practice Yoga and Tai Chi for a healthy and relaxed bit of ‘me time’.”


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